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Multicultural Visit Program - Parent/Guardian Authorization

The Occidental College Multicultural Visit Program is a selective three-day "fly in" introduction to the College. In addition to this parent/guardian authorization, the following are required in order to consider you for MVP:
  • Student Application
  • Counselor Recommendation Form
  • High School Transcript: an official or unofficial copy of the transcript may be uploaded by the student's counselor when submitting the Counselor  Form, or submitted separately to our office.
  • Standardized Test Scores: official scores may be submitted via the ACT or College Board or may be verified by the student's counselor on the Counselor Information Form. You may also submit a screenshot of your scores to verify them.
All required materials must be submitted by Monday, September 26, 2016 in order to be considered for the program. We will then select students to attend the program in late October.

To the parent/guardian: We require your permission for your student to attend the Occidental College Multicultural Visit Program if selected. Occidental funds the full cost of attendance including meals, housing and air/train transportation (if applicable).

Student Information

Student Birthdate *

Parent/Guardian Information

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Do you give permission for the student named above to participate in Occidental College's Multicultural Visit Program if s/he is chosen to participate? *